Welcome to Reglas Press, LLC, a provider of safety materials for bilingual English/Spanish trainers and companies that employ Spanish-speaking workers.

Did you know, almost half of America's construction workers are Hispanic? As a result, OSHA requires all industry workers to be trained in their native language, and Reglas Press helps to meet that requirement.

MANCOMM, a national safety and compliance publisher, is the official, exclusive distributor of Reglas Press products. MANCOMM's extensive distribution system works to get Reglas Press books into more hands nationwide. This is an important objective, since Reglas Press books are vital to the safety of the world's Spanish-speaking construction workers.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), foreign-born (Spanish-speaking) Hispanic workers are at especially high risk in the construction industry. The CDC also notes that preventing work-related injury deaths among Hispanics requires materials that are effective for workers who speak different languages.

Reglas Press books make reading the regulations easier than ever for people whose primary language is Spanish, helping to reduce injury and casualty rates for Spanish-speaking construction workers.

Reglas Press and MANCOMM look forward to helping you meet your safety and compliance goals.

The Reglas Press Spanish translation of OSHA's Construction Industry regulations is essential for several types of companies, including:

Construction companies.
Construction management companies.
Construction service companies.
Construction placement agencies.
Manufacturing companies involved in construction and installation of products.
Any company which must consult OSHA 29 Construction Industry regulations.